About Mary

In an economy like this, every company wants accountable
marketing that delivers growth profitably.  To get it, they need
to hire people who can both create great marketing strategy
and deliver execution excellence.

Mary exhibits just such a combination of skills.  She is a San
Francisco-based marketing leader with 15 years of experience
delivering strategic, accountable results.  Mary's experience
spans both brand and product marketing, and includes direct
experience in all key channels, including digital marketing, social
marketing, content marketing, promotional marketing and
direct marketing.

Mary has deep functional marketing expertise, and also the
ability to understand and engage with enterprise level

Her extensive experience in brand marketing and product
marketing combined with her analytical acumen and track
record of delivering a return on marketing investment, have led
her to successes in the financial technology, financial services
and energy industries.   
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Photo of Mary S. Hunt, a marketing strategist who works in San Francisco.
Mary S. Hunt
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