Mary S. Hunt


                  Marketing Strategy that Produces Real Results

Marketing Strategy

Mary has deep experience in creating both single-channel and fully integrated marketing strategies, and can implement both effectively.  Some examples of her strategic accomplishments follow:

  • Produced Charles Schwab's first comprehensive retail client events strategy, along with tactical plans for execution of 20 best-practice events.  Together these garnered $1.2 billion in new assets during the first year. 
  • Created Charles Schwab's first email acquisition strategy, including both lead follow-up and pure prospecting via email.  This strategy produced $400 million in new assets during the first year.
  • Conceived Wells Fargo's strategy for growth of the small business credit portfolio through alliance partner affinity and co-branded acquisition marketing.  This strategy produced an above-goal 1.5% increase in the client base.
  • Invented Chevron's strategy for growth of the commercial/fleet card business through corporate direct marketing, and local marketing and merchandising by channel partners.  This strategy produced 17% more clients, $57 million in incremental revenue, and $1.1 million in additional profits for the business unit that year. 



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"Mary is a very insightful marketer with a keen ability to balance tactical and strategic priorities."

Bruno Sarda

Director, eBusiness, Charles Schwab & Co.

June 14, 2007

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