Mary S. Hunt


                  Marketing Strategy that Produces Real Results

Managing Teams

Mary is a seasoned people manager, having 13 years of experience managing marketing teams.  The scope of her people management experience is summarized below:

  • Hired dozens of FTE and contract professionals into marketing roles at Advent Software, Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo and Chevron.
  • Arranged training for FTE in all these firms, as needed to enable them to perform their jobs and fulfill their career objectives.
  • Managed teams that ranged in size from 4 to 26 professionals.  Inherited and retained some of these teams, built and developed others from scratch, and turned over all or part of still others.
  • Mentored highest potential employees to accelerate their growth into positions of greater responsibility and contribution. 
  • Promoted best performers, to positions that were both within her group and outside it. 
  • Terminated employees with performance problems or as part of broad layoffs, as needed.



To learn more about Mary's background, skills and experiences, download her resume or go to her online profile.

To contact Mary about career opportunities or other topics, email her or go to the contact page.

"Mary is a consummate manager.  She empowers while leading.  She understands all of her team's tasks without micro-managing.  She is earnest and professional without taking herself too seriously.  She'd be an asset to any team."

Noel Parker

Vice President, Acquisition Marketing, Wells Fargo Bank

April 26, 2009

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