4 ‘Must Have’ Technologies for Marketers

I recently came across an interesting white paper, written by Raab Associates, called Lead Management: Get Started with a New Strategy for Buyer-Centric Marketing and Selling. The title oversells the content a bit, but there were a few interesting takeaways for me. One was that there are 4 technologies that marketers will need to be successful. These are technologies that enable marketers to:

  • Recognize individuals from their target market across time and channels, whether the individual has self-identified or not. Once the marketer can recognize these individuals, they need to aggregate information about each individual into a database that gradually produces a complete picture of the prospects activities and interests.
  • Record a concise profile of each individual from the database, and use that profile to drive messaging rules. Without this step, many marketers will get bogged down by the volume of raw data, and won’t be able to develop a coherent marketing strategy for these individuals.
  • React to the individual’s profile at any point in time, and present messages that are appropriate to that situation. So, for example, if the individual is in the awareness building stage, present information about what the class of product does and how it might benefit them. If the individual is in the decision stage, present information about what makes your product unique and show how it compares to the alternatives.
  • Refer the individaul to human agents wherever appropriate throughout the nurturing process. This referral can be into any contact center or channel, and can be either inbound or outbound, but it must ensure that the human agent has all the profile information available to them prior to the contact to be able to best serve the individual’s needs.
  • Marketing automation technology is a fast-evolving space, and the service providers in this space are all over the map in terms of what they provide and how they provide it. I’m hoping that Raab Associates’ classification of needs in this way will help service providers to articulate their particular approach, and will also help marketers to better define their requirements.

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