New model for hiring great marketers

I recently received a promotional offer from HubSpot to download an exerpt from a book called Inbound Marketing, by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. It was an interesting excerpt, in that it suggested we need to jettison our old criteria for hiring marketers, and adopt a whole new approach to staffing. I have been around long enough that I tend to grimace at “whole new world” propositions, but this one, like the one I wrote about immediately below, had some merit. Their idea is that going forward, we will need to hire for the following characteristics:

  • Digital Citizens: people who really understand and use all types of digital media, both on a personal and a professional level; people who enjoy the concept of interacting with diverse groups of people in a virtual space.
  • Analtycal Chops: people who measure everything and are always looking for ways to produce measurably better performance in their marketing programs.
  • Web Reach: people who bring to your team a digital “rolodex” like a salespeople used to bring a physical rolodex to the job. The more people who follow or friend your candidate through social media, they more they can get your message out to your target market.
  • Content Creators: people who can create such remarkable content that it will spread virally throughout various social media.
  • I agree with the authors that a person with these capabilities would be a fabulous asset to most modern marketing teams. And I find it intriguing to think that I would score my candidates on the basis of each of these criteria to determine the best person for the job. What do you think?

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