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Mary has a B.A. from Stanford University in Human Biology (1986), and an M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Finance, Strategy and Organizational Behavior (1990).  Between undergraduate and graduate degrees, she worked as a financial analyst for Shearson Lehman Hutton's investment banking division on Wall Street. 

After receiving her M.B.A., Mary joined Chevron Corporation, in the finance function in San Francisco.  In 1991, she moved to London, England, while still performing a finance function for Chevron.  She transitioned to marketing in 1992 when she moved into Chevron's natural gas business unit in Houston, where Chevron had just introduced a highly analytical style of consultative sales, and needed employees with strong analytical skills.  When that business unit was sold in 1996, Mary chose to remain with Chevron, and moved back to the Bay area to join Chevron's credit card unit.  She later moved to Honolulu to be part of Chevron's product marketing organization. 

In 1997, Mary was recruited to join Wells Fargo's Business Direct division, an organization that used statistical methods extensively in its direct mail and telemarketing businesses.  Mary spent the next two years managing alliances and products in this division, and was recognized for her contributions to the extraordinary growth of that business during the time that she worked there.

At the height of the boom in 1999, Mary was recruited away from Wells Fargo by Charles Schwab's Electronic Brokerage business unit.  Her mission there was to create an email acquisition marketing function from scratch.  After successfully building that business, a reorganization within the company moved Mary into a local marketing group, where her focus shifted to client cross-sell through events marketing.

In 2003, Mary joined Advent Software, an enterprise software company that serves investment managers.  There she headed up the corporate marketing organization.  While at Advent, Mary focused on maximizing return on marketing investment, by increasing the number of qualified sales leads without adding costs. 

In 2009, Mary left Advent to continue to develop her potential.  She is currently looking for her next great career opportunity.   



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