Product Marketing

Mary's accomplishments in product marketing include the following:  

  • Increased number of accounts in Chevron commercial/fleet card
    portfolio by 17%, revenues by $57 million and profits by $1.1
    million, by increasing acquisition while holding attrition and
    collections flat.

  • Grew Wells Fargo's small business credit portfolio by 7% by
    leveraging a/b testing in direct mail and telemarketing and
    applying statistical methods to optimize acquisition marketing.

  • Developed and launched the industry's first secured business card
    product for Wells Fargo, delivering higher credit quality and fewer
    fraudulent applications than expected.

  • Launched 10 new enterprise software products and 1 new service
    to Advent Software's market and employees, using a proprietary
    product launch methodology developed by her team, and
    implemented by a company-wide cross-functional team.

  • Planned and executed once- or twice-yearly launches of 22
    software solutions for Moody's Analytics, emphasizing market
    awareness, sales lead generation and organizational enablement.

  • Led initiative at Moody's Analytics to significantly deepen team's
    market knowledge, produce buyer personas, document buying
    processes, and map content to each phase of the buying process.

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Dale Shintani

Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

July 3, 2009
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