Marketing Strategy

Mary has deep experience in creating both single-channel and fully
integrated multi-channel marketing strategies that align with sales
strategies.  She has successfully introduced strategies to tap into at least
one new channel at each of her last four employers.  Some examples of
her strategic accomplishments follow:

  • Introduced a multi-channel integrated marketing strategy into
    Moody's Analytics marketing of enterprise software solutions,
    increasing marketing impact in markets dominated by much larger

  • Performed market sizing and segmentation analyses that informed
    PENSCO Trust Company's out-of-footprint growth strategy.

  • Developed a web-centric marketing strategy for Advent Software
    that increased site traffic by 84% and repeat visitors by 250%, and
    enable the site to produce 70% of the revenue attributable to
    marketing leads, at a much lower cost than would be possible
    through other channels.  

  • Developed Charles Schwab's first comprehensive retail client events
    strategy for the field sales force, producing $1.2 billion in new
    assets during the first year.  

  • Created Charles Schwab's first retail client email acquisition
    strategy, generating $400 million in new assets during the first year.

  • Conceived Wells Fargo's strategy for growth of the small business
    credit portfolio through alliance partner acquisition marketing,
    producing an above-goal 1.5% increase in the client base.

  • Invented Chevron's strategy for growth of the commercial/fleet
    card business through direct and local marketing, delivering $1.1
    million in additional profits that year.  

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Mary is a very insightful
marketer with a keen
ability to balance tactical
and strategic priorities."

Bruno Sarda

Director, eBusiness, Charles Schwab

June 14, 2007
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