Brand Marketing

Mary has guided product, division and corporate brand strategy and
executed hundreds of single-channel and integrated multi-channel
campaigns within brand standards.  Here are some examples of her brand
marketing experience:

  • Built brand awareness for Moody's Analytics in the insurance
    market, and rebranded many marketing assets from Barrie +
    Hibbert, a recently acquired firm in this space.  

  • Repositioned the Citi at Work brand in the Western Region to
    attract more professional and high-net worth accounts.

  • Performed market research that revealed how clients perceived
    the PENSCO Trust Company brand and caused PENSCO to make
    significant changes to its value proposition delivery.

  • Delivered a corporate website featuring all-new content, design,
    technology and search optimization for Advent Software.  
    Following the launch, traffic increased 84%, repeat visitors grew
    by over 250% and sales lead quantity and quality improved.    

  • Launched a targeted public relations strategy for Advent
    Software that consistently produced more coverage than
    competitors and cost 80% less than buying comparable space
    through advertising.

  • Created and implemented a print and online advertising strategy
    for Advent Software that generated buzz around specific product
    launches and produced a consistent flow of inbound sales
    inquiries year-round.

  • Designed and produced a print advertising and store
    merchandising campaign for Chevron to launch its new
    Commercial Card telephone application.  Results were much
    stronger than expected, causing Chevron to revise upward
    acquisition goals for the year.


To learn more about Mary's background, skills and experiences,
download her
resume or go to her professional profile.

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"Mary...joined Advent at
a time when the
marketing department
needed a respected and
dedicated professional to
turn it around.  Mary
proved her value by
assessing the situation
right away and then by
working hard to make an
immediate impact.  She is
focused, driven and works
closely with her entire
team to drive her
department to success."

Jill Loeffler

Marketing Manager, Advent Software

June 7, 2007
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