Analytical Acumen

Mary's financial education and experience really shows in her approach
to and uses the results to drive continuous improvement of her
marketing.  Her analytical experience includes the following examples:

  • Performed PENSCO Trust Company's first-ever market sizing,
    market segmentation and competitive analyses, identifying key
    growth opportunities.  

  • Provided analytical support for Shearson Lehman Brothers'
    investment banking transactions, including debt and equity
    offerings, stock repurchase programs, financial restructurings and
    utility competitive bids.

  • Used financial hedging solutions to close over $1 billion in long-
    term natural gas sales contracts between Chevron and
    independent and merchant power generators.

  • Created a results reporting and revenue forecasting infrastructure
    for Advent Software that provided greater visibility into returns
    on lead generation investment, and enabled key training and
    investment allocation decisions.

  • Evaluated Chevron's cash management results and proposed
    changes to optimize the mix of holdings for improved

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"Mary possesses sharp
business acumen, and
brings clear thinking and
analytical insight to
solving any business
challenge she faces."

Esther Saidman

Vice President, Charles Schwab

July 1, 2009
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